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Explore Mistyc's enchanting world where nature's organic ingredients work their magic. Our organically crafted hair oil boosts your scalp's natural growth, amplifies beauty, makes it healthier, stronger and more vibrant. It's your first step toward the hair you've always aspired to achieve.

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Nature Meets Hair Care Excellence

This time-tested blend nourishes, strengthens, and promotes hair growth from within. Break free from hair loss and chemicals, and join the world of the confident. Your journey to fuller scalp, strong and healthier hair begins here.

Perfected Over Generations

Enriched with the finest organic herbs and extracts, Mistyc's hair oil is a masterful blend of age-old wisdom with modern herbal expertise poised to help you achieve stronger hair growth, nourishment and revitalization.

Our natural, time-honored formula is a culmination of wise grandmas perfecting a solution that goes beyond providing superficial beauty, delving deep into the roots – both literally and figuratively.

The Mistyc Philosophy

Nourishment is at the core of Mistyc's hair oil philosophy. Each drop is a testament to our commitment to providing your hair with the sustenance it deserves. The natural emollients present in the oil, lock in moisture, ensuring your hair remains lustrous and silky to the touch. Whether your hair is damaged by heat styling, environmental stressors, or chemical treatments, our oil seeks to repair and rejuvenate, leaving you with hair that exudes vitality.

Strengthening from Within

The scalp, often overlooked in the grand narrative of hair care, becomes the epicenter of attention in Mistyc's regimen. When applied correctly, the oil penetrates your scalp, working tirelessly to strengthen hair follicles from within. The fusion of these potent botanicals work collectively to help eliminate dandruff, dryness, and excessive oiliness, the main barriers to your optimal hair growth.

  • Vitamin Protection: A, C, D, and E

    In every drop of Mistyc Hair Oil, a wealth of vital nutrients unite. Vitamins A, C, D, and E collaborate seamlessly to defend against hair damage and premature aging. This harmony is fortified by minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, wrapping each strand in a protective shield. Together, this meticulous blend safeguards against breakage, nourishes delicate strands, and significantly reduces hair fall.

  • Protein Enriched

    Within each droplet of Mistyc Hair Oil, the promise of growth is delicately encapsulated. Biotin, a catalyst protein for healthy hair development, intertwines with Niacin to improve blood circulation to the scalp – a crucial aspect of fostering a conducive environment for growth. As Folic Acid partners with these elements, the stage is set for accelerated hair growth, culminating in a lush crown of vibrant tresses.

  • Mineral-Backed Rejuvenation

    Mistyc Hair Oil's potent composition extends its nurturing embrace to the very roots – the scalp. Vitamin C embarks on a journey to combat dandruff-causing agents, while vitamin E nourishes and restores balance. Magnesium, a key component, soothes the scalp, supporting the foundation for healthier hair. With meticulous care, each drop rejuvenates the scalp, fostering an environment where hair flourishes.

  • Rosemary Extract

    Experience the transformative effects of Rosemary in our Mistyc Hair Oil. This remarkable herb, combined with the fortifying benefits of zinc and calcium, offers a rejuvenating experience for your hair. Bid farewell to brittle strands and bothersome split ends as these powerful elements collaborate to enhance your hair's fullness and thickness, granting you a head of hair that exudes vitality and radiance.

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  • Areeba Aslam


    "I've been searching for a solution to my hair loss for ages and Mistyc Hair Growth Oil has been a game changer! My hair feels stronger and I've noticed less shedding. Plus it smells amazing. I'm so glad I found this product."

  • Sarah Haq


    "I have sensitive skin and struggled to find a product that suits me. Mistyc Hair Growth Oil is gentle and effective. My hair looks healthier and my scalp feels soothed. Finally a product that works without any irritation! Highly recommend."

  • Ayesha Munir

    "Mistyc Hair Growth Oil is my hair's secret weapon. It's improved texture, reduced breakage, and garnered compliments from friends. Try it; you'll love the results!"

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